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About CBA

We are landscape architects who take pride in being:

CREATIVE: Our approach is imaginative and solutions-oriented: we focus on achieving outstanding design outcomes using the resources available to us and our clients. We blend design intuition with project-specific data to guide our decision-making process. CBA tailors our approach for each project, whether we work with an architect, homeowner, developer, non-profit organization, or public agency.

RELIABLE: CBA’s experience designing projects from start to finish - preliminary studies and master plans through project construction - helps ensure that our designs are both buildable and long-lasting. We analyze new processes, technologies, and products carefully before incorporating them into our projects; this thoughtful consideration helps ensure positive results. CBA’s attention to detail is reflected in both our design work and in our everyday interactions with our collaborators.

COLLABORATIVE: As the lead designer or as a consultant on a team, CBA works well with others. We develop solutions that merge the specialized knowledge of our clients and consultants with our professional expertise in landscape architecture. For many of our projects, we lead various forms of robust public process to collect feedback that informs design development and final design outcomes.

RESPONSIVE: Our designs reflect the goals, values, and needs of our clients. We demonstrate responsiveness with clear communication that encourages dialogue between our clients, our subconsultants, and project stakeholders. Our attentive detailing, broad and sophisticated plant palettes, and site material selections are appropriate to each site’s uses and environmental conditions.

ADAPTIVE: CBA’s culture of flexibility means that we respond gracefully to new circumstances and adjust our approach accordingly. Our landscapes are adaptable to changes in the natural and built environments, adjust to programming changes over time, and inclusively accommodate diverse user groups.

CBA Landscape Architects was founded by Clara Couric Batchelor in 1984. CBA’s designs have won awards from the BSLA, BSA, and several additional organizations. Our landscapes have been published in Landscape Architecture Magazine, the New York Times, New England Home, and other local and national publications.


CBA's Staff:

Clara C. Batchelor,
Founder & Principal

Denis J. Chagnon,

Megan N. Tomkins,

Kaila A. Bachman,

Preston Holleman,
Landscape Architect

Jessica Choi, 
Landscape Designer

Aaron Kraemer, 
Landscape Designer

Liz Thompson,
Landscape Designer

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