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2019 Berliner Seilfabrik's Breathtaking Pla(y)ces Brochure features Paris Street Playground

Paris Street Playground is an approximately three-quarter acre park serving a densely developed residential neighborhood in East Boston; it is used extensively by residents and the Paris Street Community Center's after school and summer programs. We’re pleased to share that the park is featured in Berliner Seilfabrik’s 2019 Breathtaking Pla(y)ces brochure. This brochure focuses on custom Berliner play structures designed by landscape architects; Paris Street Playground, owned and maintained by the City of Boston Parks & Recreation Department, features a custom rope climber designed collaboratively by CBA and Berliner.

CBA facilitated a robust, four-month-long / four public meeting public input process that included participants from the Community Center and neighbors to shape the final design. The renovation features a reoriented basketball court, stone dust sports area, tree-canopied lawn, climbing structures, swings, a splash pad, and play graphics. Our environmentally sensitive approach to the design is reflected in the pathway built on piers that traverses the grove of existing mature honey locust trees, solar-powered USB charging benches, LED site lighting, and a low-flow splash pad. The park’s “solar system” theme was chosen by the community during design development, and gives it a clear identity in the neighborhood.

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